Are you an avid fan of Sinergy metal band? If so, you should have known many things about them. But just in case you don’t have enough idea about the band, this resource would surely impart you with lots of things about your favourite artist.

Sinergy is a Finnish metal band that has been established way back in 1998 courtesy of the American music artist Kimberly Gross. Apart from Sinergy, Gross had also been linked to other notable bands. In connection to this, the idea of the creation of the

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band has been realized when Gross and Jespert Stromblad crossed paths.

There is no doubt that Sinergy band has suffered from lots of serious problems. From time constraint to leave out issues, the current members of the band still adhere to the sheer power of their female vocals to deliver great hits for the Sinergy avid fans. Apparently, it is very evident that world tours are being looked forward to by multiple numbers of avid fans.

Kimberly Gross and Jesper Stromblad


After the meeting of Kimberly Gross and Jesper Stromblad in a joint world tour, they had come up with idea of creating this all-female metal band. However, this plan has not been put to reality because of time-constraints. However, it was obviously not the end of the idea.

When Kimberly Gross quitted from Dimmu Borgir and he has decided to move in Sweden, she has realized that it would be the best time to engage into new venture. With this, she has decided that it is the perfect time to put the idea of creating Sinergy into reality. True enough; the band has been created in 1998 with Sharlee D’Angelo as the bass player, Ronny Milianowicz as the drummer and Children of Bodom’s Alex Laiho.

The debut album


The debut album of Sinergy has sold well. In fact, it has drawn a significant excitement from the metal band fans. Unfortunately, there has been one serious problem that the band had to deal with during these times. The members of the band had faced conflicts in spending time with main bands. The situation has become more complicated when Kimberly had moved to Finland. Since the other three members of the band reside in Sweden, regular meeting has become a major problem for them.

Due to the time constraints, Sinergy was disbanded. However, Alexi and Kimberly still urged to go on with the project. With this, a new line up has been realized. This time, the band is only composed of exclusive Finnish members. For the rhythm guitar, the position has been assumed by Roope Latvala who is one of the founders of the heavy metal bandy Stone. Marco Hietala has been the bass player while the new drummer was Tonmi Lillman.

From that time on, Sinergy had been starting to gain worldwide reputation. In connection to this, they had been able to come up with a notable tour that has been featured in the DVD release of Nightwish from Wishes to Eternity.

Remarkable reputation


The remarkable reputation of the metal band Sinergy has also been made possible with the help of the duelling guitar solos. Not only that, in-your-face crunches as well as the sheer power of the female vocals has been one of their assets to win the heart of many people. Meanwhile, getting mastered with the five-piece outfit is very evident basically from the opener of the “I spit on the grave” up to the final account of Remembrance.

Although the band has been successful in coming up with their third album, it is inevitable that the metal band had experienced drawbacks with the leave-out issues of the best members. This setback can be easily noted when Lillman has abandoned the band after the completion of the suicide By My Side Album. However, as these kinds of loopholes have been covered in the past, the women- front metal band had not been dissolved.

It is on this time that the band had recruited Swede Mats Karlsson who has been considered as the fresh blood of the band. This is because he has not engaged to serous band commitment before has been one of the members of the Sinergy. With the sad new blood, the band has further increased their reputation in the music industry which has a very notable recognition from the world. Powered with Sinergy’s new blood, the band has been able to come up with a new explosive CD. And once again, the band is ready to conquer multiple stages.

Suicide by my side


Meanwhile, the band had employed some new sorts of style with their album Suicide by my side. In this album, Kimberly Gross had broken off from using feminine and lighter vocals. Instead, she had worked with a rougher style in order to have a sensible transition that will surely be appreciated by tens of thousands of Sinergy avid fans.

As soon as the third album has been recorded, drummer of the band Lillman has been replaced by the drummer of Barathrum Janne Parvianen. In a short while, bass player Marco had also left the band. The reason why Marco has quit the band is because of his commitments to Nightwish. To complete the line-up, the bass player position has been granted to one of the members of the metal band Warmen namely Lauri Porra.

The chemistry of Sinergy metal band is undoubtedly explosive over new recordings. As it has been said a while back, Suicide by My side has been one of the most notable albums of the band. With this, it has served as one of the stepping stones for the band to enjoy an immense popularity of their hits. Hence, the said album has brought the metal band to the top of the music industry.